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Pushing Boundaries

Our team are ready to help you sort out your IT in a manner rarely seen in our industry. We cover both business networks and individual users.

Our IT centre is on Upper Street, Islington, where you are always welcome to drop in to talk IT, buy equipment and add-ons, or bring in your devices for maintenance and upgrade. Work is carried out expertly and in a timely fashion and charges which are always reasonable will be clearly quoted in advance. We are dedicated to our customers and pledge to present the most efficient solution.

Our engineers can be called out to your place at very reasonable rates. We also resolve a great deal of our customers’ problems remotely.

We have a range of Cloud services covering e-mail, security, shared storage and back-up. All these are on competitive fixed price subscriptions and include support.

Whatever your requirements, reach out to us – you will be pleasantly surprised.

Windows PC Services

Repair & Upgrade

We diagnose and repair desktops, laptops and various IT components. We can upgrade memory and hard drive, including transitioning to SSD. Most work is quoted at fixed prices so you know where you stand.

Operating System Upgrade

We have extensive experience with system upgrades in general and with Microsoft software in particular. If you are still running Microsoft XP, Vista and Windows 7, we can easily upgrade your system.

Hardware & Software Support

If you need help setting something up or on how to use it, we are your solution.

Backup & Recovery

A range of solutions are available from backup to local hard drives to Cloud backup packages. You can back up just selected data or the entire system for fast recovery from drive failure.

Business IT Solutions

Hardware, Software & Network Support

Whether you are running a Server / Client based network, or a Cloud system, your system needs regular preventive maintenance to keep it in shape and to avoid costly problems in terms of downtime and IT repair bills. We have the tools and expertise to provide pre-emptive support and are dedicated in solving a huge range of problems, big to small. Our customers save on money and IT headaches.

System Design & Upgrades

We love challenges. If you have a project in mind for an upgrade or new system, you just need to present us with your requirements and we’ll convert this to an easily understood proposal with clear costs.

System Backup & Disaster Recovery

Often ignored, we can introduce solutions to protect your system on various levels and ensure you can recover quickly in the event of a major failure, as we protect the data, system and configuration in a way that allows for rapid recovery. We have tools to test that your backups are effective should the need for recovery occur.

Security & Compliance

The two elements to ensure compliance is (1) securing your system (2) handling of data. For this we provide a range of solutions to prevent unauthorised entry into your system, and to protect your data against theft or damage. Most essentially, we train our customers on the do’s and don’ts with their IT system because mistakes can bring everything down no matter what protection is in place.

Cloud Solutions


A business or professional user needs a proper and permanent e-mail address ( We use the Microsoft Cloud Exchange system to deliver the best and most reliable e-mail solution without the need to own a server. These allow very large e-mail attachments and have a massive mailbox size limit. A fixed monthly cost covers all the management of your e-mail system.

Shared Data

You don’t need a server to share data. Our Shared Data solution will allow users to collaborate seamlessly and securely as you can decide which data is shared with who within your organisation. Since the data is stored locally on your device as well as on the Cloud you can continue to work while off-line and it will automatically sync when later connected. The system works with mobiles too.

Cloud Security

Threat levels are increasing incessantly, and with many attack vectors (e-mail, device plug in, internet browsing, hacks) We deploy this to each device and the protection is centrally managed to ensure each device is clean and up to date. The protection is much higher end compared with off the shelf security packages and covers virus, malware, ransomware, malicious or infected websites. There are features for performance monitoring and to ensure that the latest Windows updates are installed.

Cloud Backup

For a small monthly fee and with nominal set up costs, we can securely back up your data to the Cloud on a daily basis, so you can be confident that you won’t permanently loose your precious data whether by error, malicious attack, or hardware failure.

Cable & Wireless Networking

Cable & Wireless for Home and Business

From planning to implementation, we’ve covered a wide range of computer networking installations, from a single room to homes to large offices, and even listed museum buildings where drilling in not allowed. For a tidy professional cabling infrastructure, look no further.

Wireless Security & Coverage

If your Wi-Fi is unreliable, we have solutions which will provide seamless coverage over your entire building with consistent bandwidth and the necessary security against unauthorised access into your network.

WiFi Guest Access

We can give your guests a secure wireless connectivity separate from your main wireless network to keep you main connection secure.

Virus Removal & Optimisation

Diagnostic & Remove Viruses

Troubleshooting is our speciality because our engineers don’t give up. Most problems are solvable at fixed costs which will be quoted in advance of any work carried out. Our virus removal service will clean up your computer and we have high end managed Cloud security packages available for a low subscription fee which will help keep your computer free of expensive trouble in the future.


Our Cloud security package is on a subscription basis and far more advanced than off-the-shelf anti-virus software. Comprehensive security covers e-mail, infected drives, malware, ransomware, websites. You never have to worry about forgetting to renew, or if your security will fall out of date, as it is all centrally managed by us.

Security Patches

Keeping your Windows system up to date is essential to protect your system and data. Windows will do this automatically if set up correctly, but if you are not inclined to monitor this regularly we have automatic tools that run via Cloud to ensure your updates do not fall behind.


In house LAB at our Islington IT centre where you can drop your IT stuff in and chat directly with an engineer.


Onsite visit service for repairs which cannot be carried out remotely


Effective and Quick way to fix problems or to set something up.