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Private computer users come to us when things go wrong, because we put things right and have a fair price structure.

Has my PC run out of memory? Why is my laptop so slow? How do I get back my internet connection? What can I do about the Malficker virus? Have I really lost all my data?

We're happy to sort out these problems and more for you. We'll either visit you in your home. Or you can bring your computer into our workshop in Islington.
But we don't just tackle the irritating side of home computing. We can make your computer much more productive and rewarding to use.

For example, we can get rid of cables by putting in a WiFi connection, or set up a media centre (a computerised home entertainment system with TV, automatic program recording to hard disk), or by installing a home network.

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Just call us on 020 7359 9797 or fill in the form on the right.

"My laptop's hard drive failed recently. I hadn't backed it up so this was a big problem. I'm a teacher, and there's a lot on it which I need for work. Motki sorted out what might have been a crisis. He recovered the files, transferred them to a new disk, and sent me back to work. I’m really pleased." Kate Greensted, Hackney.