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Corporate users often use the internet in order to perform their daily tasks. Improper usage of the internet both unknowingly or maliciously may lead to terrible and often undetected damage to corporate information assets, loss of reputation and even law suits.

The basic way to avoid these types of pitfalls is to use an internet gateway device or a firewall together with a suitable AntiVirus / AntiSpam system that can monitor any traffic coming in from the internet or going out.

The firewall will decide whether this traffic should be blocked while the AntiVirus / AntiSpam system traps viruses, malware and spam.
Today, many internet security gateways (or firewalls) are also performing AntiVirus and AntiSpam scans, providing a 2 tier protection which is now the recommended practice.

Internet security specialists of CiPi are certified professional by leading security companies such as

CheckPoint, Symantec, Sophos, FortiNet, Microsoft, Cisco and more, and therefore we can provide your organisation with a full and comprehensive internet security solution.

Call us today or fill in the contact form whether you need a single all-in-one firewall device that will scan and protect both inbound and outbound traffic or whether you need a distributed and multi-tiered deployment of several dedicated and robust security countermeasures.

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