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Why you should make IT security your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY

At Computer Precision, we take security as the number one priority of a business IT network solution. IT computer networks are subject to many type of threats.

The consequences of poor security cannot be overstated. It can result in the destruction of your corporate data and of the software infrastructure. It can allow others to hack into your system and steal valuable information such as confidential data and passwords to your services such as banking and credit card. It can cause your system to be abused into sending mass mailing spreading virus or spam to other networks. Any of these factors can make your organisation liable to prosecution. Additionally any security breach can result in huge IT costs.

Virus and other infections such as Trojans and Worms are the most commonly known and a good centrally managed solution is essential. This is usually provided in the form of a software package running on the server which checks for updates on the latest threats at least hourly. It places these updates immediately on the server itself and on all client computers connected to the network, ensuring every device is protected continuously. It also reports any problems to the administrator.

The same software system can protect against spam (junk mail). The nuisance of spam today is huge, and typically 98% of all e-mail traffic reaching your system would be spam. A good spam scanner will block virtually all of these, providing much improved productivity. Additionally many spam messages can contain infections designed to steal information from your system.

Firewalls are placed at the gateway of the internet. A good practice is to add a virus scanner to the Firewall as this provides a 2 tier protection which is considered today as best business practice. This way a threat has to pass through 2 scanners virtually eliminating chances of infection. Firewalls are also very effective in blocking hackers from accessing your system via the internet. They can also block your own users from accessing a wide range of undesirable sites which at best would result in waste of company time, and at worst breach the system’s security.

Good server design is also a key factor. The server must be kept up to date with latest fixes with Microsoft release to cope with the ever expanding threats. The hard disk system must include redundancy so that the system continues to run with no loss of data at all, even should a hard disk fail.

Backup of data is critical and the data must be taken off site so that all eggs are not in one basket. The frequency of backups and removal to off site varies according to the requirements, but daily is most typical.

System recovery keeps a backup of not just the data, but the system itself. Again this backup must be kept off site. It will ensure a rapid recovery of the system should there be a major failure due to equipment failure, theft or damage. System recovery ensures a failed system can be recovered in a matter of 1 to 2 hours, rather than 1 to 2 weeks.

The above are the building blocks of secure system design. The difference can be the life or death of the organisation. Fortunately, the technologies are all available at a reasonable price to help the smallest of business to enjoy bullet proof security.

Computer Precision have a vast experience in IT and computer security with certifications on Microsoft, Sophos, Symantec and Checkpoint.

If you are planning a new IT computer system, an upgrade, or are worried about your existing security, contact us and gain the benefit our 24 years of experience at a sensible price.

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