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Nowadays, organisations recognise the importance of regular backups. In an IT system, the data is by far its most important asset and its loss would create a business disaster

Below are the key points to consider for staying safe

  • The server must have data redundancy. This means that should a hard drive fail, the server continues uninterrupted on an in-built spare drive onto which the data is already present by using mirror or RAID technology.
  • A backup system and procedure must be in place, and the backup must be placed in a fire-proof safe, or taken off site regularly (e.g. daily).
  • There must be enough backup media to hold sufficient historical data to allow for future recovery of files which were damaged or accidently deleted.
  • The point of a backup system and procedure is to allow the rapid recovery from data loss. Therefore, restores should be tested regularly. Old backup devices have been known to write corrupt or blank information to media.
  • On line backup does provide a convenient method for backup, and is suitable for the recovery of individual files. However, if a failure demands a full data restore, one has to consider the time it would take to download it from the internet, or the time it would take to obtain a full copy from the provider's data centre.
  • Organisations must consider the delays involving recovery of the system which hosts the data. Without a proper disaster recovery plan, it could take several days to restore IT system function as one has to obtain the replacement hardware and to re-install the system together with applications and configurations, followed by a data restore. The downtime and IT engineering costs would be massive.

So a disaster recovery plan is not optional and it needs to match the organisation's SLA.

If you are concerned about the provisions of your backup system contact us to obtain a detailed analysis of your existing setup and a full backup plan

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