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Viruses used to be a simple, although increasingly massive problem. A virus is simply a program which the user is tricked into installing. It arrives in an e-mail, from rogue or infected websites, CDs and memory sticks.

Originally they were trick programs written by mischievous programmers seeking notoriety. The joke ones would display a rude message on a particular day of the year. April fools day used to be a big worry for computer users. The worst ones would slow down or damage your system or data irrevocably

Today Malware is a sophisticated tool for criminal gangs designed to allow easy entry into your system to steal confidential data, such as passwords and bank details. They also can open your system into sending hundreds of thousands of spam mail. The result is your system grinding to a stop, your e-mail address becoming black listed and even law suits. Obviously, since malware presents criminals with lucrative opportunities, the resources they employ to defeat your IT defences are highly advanced, and so therefore are the risks to your business.

While an individual home PC can be adequately protected by a stand alone solution, IT networks cannot. A business running say 5 PCs with stand alone protection are at great risk. Each PC has to be individually checked to make sure its software has not failed nor has its subscription run out. It is not realistic to expect it to provide continuous year round protection as each PC would need to be checked hourly, manually.

  • A good network based security system is centrally managed and updated.
  • It protects the Microsoft Exchange (or other e-mail) server to root out virus, malware and spam at source (or at the Gateway).
  • It also keeps the system safe by applying updates hourly or even more frequently. This ensures your system knows about latest threats as soon as your security provider does
  • It checks for certain patterns of behaviour to even trap brand new viruses which may not be yet known.
  • It keeps all client computers up to date, with each one running their own protection independently (needed for Internet access and memory sticks or CDs).
  • It reports any problems on the server or clients to a system administrator. The administrator can be one of your own staff, or your appointed IT support company, such as Computer Precision.
  • Even a small business should employ a 2 tier approach. This means as well as the anti-virus/malware spam system as described above, a firewall should also include anti-virus/malware protection. Two scanners are better than one as it would make it extremely difficult for a virus / malware to penetrate both, providing they use different technology. Larger businesses should employ a multi tier approach, as their vulnerability is greater

    Finally, spam is virtually eliminated. Since over 90% of e-mail is spam, and much of this is of the offensive variety, anti-spam is an essential business productivity and protection tool. Much spam contains links to rogue sites which can breach your system security.

    Computer Precision employ certified and highly experienced engineers who are able to deploy bullet proof security to your business. If you are concerned about your IT system security and need a security solution you can trust, come and talk to us or fill in the form.

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