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Talk is cheap with IP Telephone Technology

If your company's phone bills are worrying you, help is at hand. Talk really is cheap now with VoIP.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.

What this means is that you and everyone else in your company can now make phone calls over the internet. For as little as the price of sending an email. And, just like emails, you can attach files to your phone call.

You can use your VoIP number anywhere you like to make and receive phone calls, providing there's internet access, and watch your company's productivity soar. And that includes in your home, or in airport departure lounges or in your clients offices.

Here are three key benefits:

  1. Cost reduction - VoIP allows you to get rid of old fixed lines. It's inexpensive to run and maintain. And it's modular, allowing easy expansion.
  2. Flexible - if your company has its own Virtual Private Network (VPN), and combines it with VoIP, you can link remote branches to a fully functioning phone network. (If you don't know if you've got a VPN, don’t worry. We'll tell you.)
  3. Improved productivity - goodbye PBX. Providing you have access to a broadband connection, your can make and receive calls on your VoIP system anywhere in the world.

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