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This is by far the most popular configuration for the business environment due to its simplicity, effectiveness and low cost.

A server (or servers) is set up to provide various services to the organisation. These are typically:

  • Shared and secure file storage
  • Network printers
  • E-Mail
  • Remote access from home or on the move
  • Databases
  • Other shared applications such as accounting
  • Anti-Virus / Spam services
  • Backup and disaster recovery protection

The client is the computer the user uses. The programs run on the client and the data such as documents, spreadsheets, accounts data and e-mail is accessed from the server.

Some of the advantages of this setup are:

  • Ability to share data while restricting access of confidential data to authorised users
  • Ability to access an e-mail account from any client computer, or even remotely
  • Central store for all data in a secure environment removing the burden of managing scattered data, and providing a single point for backup
  • Centrally managed security to protect against virus, spam and unauthorised access
  • Ability to remotely access the system to carry out exactly the same tasks you would at your office
  • Huge reduction in system failure rates
  • Rapid recovery from a major system failure

These and many more advantages realise improved productivity and hence a fast ROI.

Each organisation is unique, but generally a server client environment is the correct recommendation for an organisation with three or more clients. The costs of maintaining a peer to peer network together with their lack functionality make the decision a no brainer.

Computer Precision has a wealth of experience in the area or specifying, deploying and maintaining server and client networks to businesses big and small. We are proud to have a large base of satisfied customers running our server and client IT systems with minimal maintenance requirements. To check what our clients say, please click here.

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