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Moving office or planning an upgrade of your IT computer system can create a massive overhead on your business.

By using Computer Precision's IT Consultancy Services, you can gain from our vast experience in managing such projects.

If your project involves refurbishment we can help by planning or installing your network cable infrastructure. We can even help by providing interior design plans and selecting office furniture. Timing is critical, so with us you can count on each stage being implemented at the most appropriate time to minimise cost and disruption and also to ensure you have the correct infrastructure in place to support you business and IT functions.

Before any system is recommended, our consultants work out the most efficient implementation available such as virtualized servers, and the correct level of computer power to service your applications. We advise on the location of the servers and recommend on suitable ventilation and power requirements.

New systems are pre-installed at our workshop to minimise disruption, and before the system is connected, it will already contain the necessary security in order to prevent infections corrupting your IT infrastructure before it is brought live.

Migration of all data, including your file system, Exchange e-mail database and any application databases are expertly carried out to ensure no data loss.

We liaise with any other contractors involved, whether for building works or with other IT specialists who may be responsible for particular functions of you IT and computer system. If you have your own IT staff, we will liaise with them too in order to help them carry out their part of the project.

In short, we think of everything to see you through the implementation of your IT computer project seamlessly, completely and efficiently. The result is maximum ROI.

If you are planning a major upgrade or moving office, speak with one of our specialists or fill in the contact form.

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