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Peer to Peer is the method of simply connecting individual computers without using a server. Connections can be wired or wireless. Technology is available which can connect the network via the electricity supply, providing wired connections without running cable and this can cover an entire building.

Servers do provide many benefits; even for small networks of 3 or even 2 computers, especially with the much lower cost of hardware compared with say 3 years ago. This means most will see ROI (return of investment) very quickly. You can learn more about this area under our heading of Server Client Networks.

But if you feel a server is not needed in your business, or your budget will not allow it, you can realise some of the benefits using a peer to peer network, at very low cost.

Under these networks you can share files between the computers, share printers and share the internet connection.

It is very important that each computer has its own anti-virus and security protection and that this is kept up to date constantly. Backup has to be carefully considered too as the data of the organisation can be scattered between the computers.

If you would like help in setting up a peer to peer network, or are unsure of which type of network is best suited to your business, please give us a call or fill in the contact form.

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