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Get Ahead of the Competition with IT System Design and Functionality

In a very short period, the world has gone from typewriters and carbon copies to sophisticated IT systems connected with or without wires. Businesses will now survive or fail depending on their choice of IT system. So it’s essential you get the best advice.

We will take you through the whole process from conception, through design and installation to maintenance. Our job is simply to let you get on with your business without you having any concerns about your IT system.

Here are four typical examples of how we handle our client’s computer and IT system needs.

System design consultancy

Although most organisations’ IT systems share similar components, we recognise each client has unique aims and budgets. This is where our flexible and caring approach comes into its own. After a thorough review of your plans and a detailed audit of your current IT system, the final solution may incorporate any of the following:

  • A renew or upgrade to your existing system
  • Installing a completely new system
  • Configuring a peer to peer network
  • Building a server / client network
  • Establishing a multi branch network


If your business has in house IT expertise we are equally comfortable to partner with your own team as we are to carry out the entire IT installation process ourselves.

Implementation planning ensures installation is carried out with minimum disruption and with no loss of data.


All IT systems benefit from regular monitoring and maintenance and we have a range of packages designed to keep your IT system fit.

Support may be ordered on an ad hoc basis, but the most effective in terms of ROI is with managed support. With this you enjoy fixed cost, and the cliché prevention is better than cure definitely applies.

Remote Management

A useful feature involves our remote management system where from the comfort of our IT centre, our engineers will keep an eye on your system and fix problems before you’re even aware that your IT system is beginning to wobble.

Going mobile

If you’re out and about and still need to access your IT system then your mobile can easily do this.

We can set up any of Windows © Mobile, BlackBerry ©, Android or iPhone keeping you in touch with your office e-mail, contacts, calendar and more.

One other thing: If you work remotely, we can still keep you fully connected to your IT system using your home PC or Laptop. An IP phone can work as part of your PBX, and there are even WiFi versions to use while roaming.

Imagine, you could be sitting at a beach bar in the Caribbean with a Laptop and WiFi phone and your client’s needn’t even know.

Want to know more? Just call us on 020 7359 9797.

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