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Sales representatives, product managers and agents of all kinds are performing most of their daily work out of their office and in the past they were using obsolete methods such as sending faxes and performing long distance calls to the headquarters. These methods became rarely used for the simple reason that they cost fortune to the organization.

New methods include running the sales, ERP or CRM applications directly from the representative laptop and connecting securely to the company database. Other applications may be using new technologies such as Virtual Desktops and Virtual Applications running on terminal servers or remote VoIP phones that use the internet to connect the office from anywhere in the world and make long distance phone calls for free.

Mobiles can also provide connectivity to your network, and these are covered in more detail here.

If you need a Windows Terminal solution, SSL-VPN, VoIP or any other solution that concerns connecting your remote users securely to your corporate network, call us today or fill in the Contact Form and you will find that Remote Access deployments return your investments from day one.

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