About us

Twenty four years ago, Blind Date was launched by London Weekend Television. Mikhail Gorbachev became General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party. Steve Jobs, newly fired from Apple, launched NeXT while Commodore launched the Amiga.

And Benny Jacobs, launched Computer Precision the IT computer support company in London.

Where are they all now?

All except Computer Precision are now history, but we continue to grow. And that sometimes makes us wonder where we went right whilst the others went wrong.

We suspect the reason for our longevity is that we never really thought we were in the computer business. What we sell is our experience and service in the area of IT. Hardware manufacturers come and go, but knowledge and experience have a life and a value of their own.

So here are three reasons why Computer Precision continues to be a leading IT Support company in London and beyond:

  • We have over twenty-four years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining computer systems. We are as happy dealing with large companies as we are with single customers.
  • Our success is based upon a very strong service ethic. Our job is to solve your problems.
  • Computer Precision's customers choose to stay with us because our personal service provides outstanding value for money and peace of mind.

And, if you think we would say that wouldn't we,see what our customers say about us in the success stories section. We didn't pay them a penny.